Activist and journalist Leah Borromeo interviews two members of Lapiztola, a street art collective from Oaxaca about the roots of the 2006 uprising and their visual response:

You can see more of their work up at

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Russians use street art, humor, & social media to embarrass city officials into fixing potholes:

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Los Angeles City Council lifts ban on public murals.

I wonder how much MOCA‘s 2011 blockbuster street art exhibit had to do with this.
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Street art on the absurdity of fast food companies sponsoring the #Olympics…
Olympic Mural
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Protest Posters in Québec

Design students at the University of Québec started the École de la Montagne Rouge to produce visual materials supporting the 2012 student protests across Québec.

They’ve posted a lovely collection of poster designs, many in the spirit of Grapus and the Atélier Populaire. Here are some of my favorites below, linking to the larger versions.

ecolemontagnerouge_03 ecolemontagnerouge_04 ecolemontagnerouge_05 ecolemontagnerouge_06 ecolemontagnerouge_07 ecolemontagnerouge_08 ecolemontagnerouge_10 ecolemontagnerouge_02

The red square is the symbol of the Maple Spring and via Just Seeds I found Seeing Red Montréal, an ongoing documentation of red squares painted, stickered, and postered on the streets of Montreal.

montreal_red_square_1 montreal_red_square_2 montreal_red_square_3

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