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Candy Chang has written up an excellent overview of her process producing a visual policy brief for Making Policy Public. Street vendors in New York City can be hit with a $1,000 fine for such minor infractions as not displaying their badge prominently enough, or for not placing their cart precisely in relation to the curb or store fronts. To clarify the confusing regulations from multiple NYC agencies, the Street Vendor Project and Center for Urban Pedagogy worked with Candy to create this visual, multi-lingual fold-out poster that demystifies vendor rights and regulations (along with a few fun facts.) Check out Candy’s write-up and download a PDF of the poster. Knowing one’s rights can potentially make a big difference in the lives of street vendors and their families.



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Serve the People Poster Project. Social Justice Poster Do you know a peace or social justice organization who need a mass produced poster to further their work? “The Serve the People Poster Project is a donation offered by Design Action Collective and Inkworks Press to your organization. All you have to do is present an idea, and if selected, Design Action will donate $1000 of design, and Inkworks will print 1000 full color, tabloid sized posters for you use as you wish. For free.” In particular, they are looking for: “issues that are difficult to find foundation funding for, either because of subject matter or timeliness.” Very cool! Find out more.
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People turned out by the hundreds of thousands to protest the US invasion of Iraq. Why aren’t they in the streets about the financial collapse? Perhaps it hasn’t quite sunk in for some?

A series of street posters in Berlin help envision the struggles to come.

Web Design for Hot Meals
Will Offer Web Design for Hot Meals

Poverty Street Posters
Left: “You took to the streets with a sign around your neck: hungry, looking for work, will do anything.”
Right: “Do you remember how on the next day I stood in front of the car in suit and tie and had to sell it?”

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Discourse on Method

Matters of Importance

Made me laugh. Designed by Jorge Arrieta.

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Use as Directed

Youth holds posters depicting a gun in front of riot police deployed in front of Greek Parliament late December 9, 2008 during a peaceful demonstration following the death of a 15years-old boy shot by a policeman.
December 9, 2008. AFP/Getty Images. Protestors in front of the Greek Parliament building.

Looking at some of the striking photos of the December protests in Athens, I noted a couple of images a week apart with this poster of a gun turned on its owner.

Students shout at riot police outside the police headquarters during a demonstration in Athens on December 15, 2008.
December 15, 2008. Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images. Students outside the police headquarters.

December 9, 2008. John Kolesidis / Reuters. Vigil in front of the Greek Parliament building.

It’s an iconic image, but I think it takes on a different meaning in an oppositional context vs a memorial. Regardless, while trying to find out more about its source I instead found this mixed collection of 41 posters by Greek designers in response to the riots.

More Greek posters

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Little by Little, Silkscreened. The kickass team at the Groundswell Collective took my little poster sketch, made a silkscreen and printed up a couple of T-shirts and hoodies. (With silver ink, no less.) Very cool!
Little by Little, Hoodie
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40 Houses in Bucks County. Candy Chang and James Reeves designed this poster collage based on their experience canvassing for Obama in Pennsylvania. Interupting strangers at home can be awkward and embarassing at first (it was for me,) but they’ve transformed their experience into a bright, fun adventure. Click below for the full poster.
40 Houses in Bucks County
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A few collections of wonderful things:

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Little by Little

Little by Little

Download as a PDF.

Thinking about the pace of social change. Here’s a quick sketch.

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Ateliers Populaires

May 68 Poster

Anti-Nazism and the Ateliers Populaires: The Memory of Nazi Collaboration in the Posters of Mai ’68 is an excellent essay on the origins and context of the Ateliers Populaires, a collective poster workshop supporting the striking students and workers in France. Among the things I learned:

  • There were several Ateliers Populaires in several cities in France. Paris alone had 6.
  • The posters appeared in something of a vacuum, and were all the more shocking because of this. Political posters had not been seen on the streets in 20 years.
  • The first posters were originally intended as fine art prints for sale to raise money for the striking workers, not as street art, and were originally printed by offset lithography, a more labor intensive process. These were taken out to the streets by popular demand where they inspired others to do the same.
  • The style and simplicity of the designs was a function of both the medium and the conditions of production: the low-tech, improvised silkscreen apparatus and the incredible speed at which they were produced.
  • The cheap newsprint paper they printed on were remnants donated by newspaper printers, who couldn't use the last bits of their paper rolls.
  • Anyone could submit a design or slogan and designs were argued over collectively.
  • Despite the progressive politics, the role of women in the studios was rather regressive.
  • In some cases, the artists chose a more provocative poster idea over a more politically sensitive one. The posters comparing the French security apparatus to the Nazis and their tactics were particularly problematic and incendiary.
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